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Saigon by the Spree

Berlin is known as the world capital of techno music and club culture, as a destination for those with a passion for history and politics, and as a hub of alternative art and fashion. While Schönefeld Airport welcomes legions of so-called ‘Easyjet Ravers’ each weekend, and the likes of Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie are […]

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Judy Joo: Making Korean Food Global

Raised on a diet of Mum’s dumplings, home-fermented kimchi and comforting tofu stew, Judy Joo grew up in a traditional Korean household in New Jersey. With every home meal made from scratch, helping out in the kitchen wasn’t optional. From washing dishes to enduring reeking, stained fingers after tirelessly picking perilla leaves in the back […]

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Kim Hersov: The Talitha Inspiration

Kim Hersov is co-founder of the Talitha Collection and a global traveller. Her Talitha lifestyle showroom space on Powis Terrace in Notting Hill, London – produced in collaboration with Hubert Zandberg – is an eclectic platform through which they display their Talitha’s luxury travel wear collections. Our Creative Director Mike Hinchcliffe spoke with Kim in […]

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Wordsworth and Coleridge: Beyond the Lakes

The notion of an artistic movement being birthed by a subjugated people amidst social and political tension is by no means a novel concept. Nor is the hedonistic use of mind-altering substances in order to catalyse, elevate, or otherwise enhance an artist’s creative modus operandi. While these were by no means the founding principles of […]

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The Square: From Malevich to Instagram

From Russian art in the early 20th century to today’s obsession with Instagram, the use of the square in art and design has stubbornly persisted through time. When Polish-born visual artist, Kazimir Malevich unveiled his iconic Black Square to Petrograd in 1915, he claimed to have produced the first painting “without any attribute of real […]

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